1983   Born in Japan


2015   Graduated from the Graduate Art Department of Bunsei University of Art. Was awarded a doctorate in Fine Arts.




"Study on Realistic Expression in Our Days


Research and Development of the Tempera Useful for Realistic Expression―" - Ph.D. Dissertation 




This paper is an overview of various tempera paint formulas from the past to present, and the development of new tempera paint formulas based on those.




I paint portraits with oil paint and a tempera paint that I developed in my personal research, called Impasto  OG tempera(O = Oil, G = Glue), for which I was awarded a doctorate.




Although cleanliness and purity are recurring themes in my work, I regard "prayer" as being the most important.


When I refer to "prayer", it is not prayer in a specific religion, but rather praying for the goodness of humanity.


I want to emphatically explore the beauty that enlightens people in this uncertain and cruel world.